Robert Hausladen’s Journey into Remote Work

By , April 3, 2020
Journey into Remote Working

While Mocha is an app, we’re motivated by a community of remote workers which, until now, have felt pretty lonely in the real world.  In an effort of connectivity within the community, we’ve begun chatting with remote workers around the globe and took insight from their experiences to better help you along in your journey.  So, whether you’ve been working remotely for some time, or just starting out, you’ll want to keep an eye out for articles like this one, where we share helpful information from real individuals.

A few weeks ago we had a conversation with Robert Hausladen, entrepreneur, and owner at AnRo Live & MORE.  While Robert has been working remotely for some time with the IT company he’s with, he just started a business alongside his wife.  Their motivation, which I’m sure many of us can relate, stemmed from a need to have more flexibility and control over time, and the ability to travel.

While many of us fall into a time in our lives where it feels like we are forced to face our dreams and take the leap into remote working, this is not the case for Robert.  For about 6 months he and his wife birthed the idea of their business.  Looking around and gathering ideas of what was needed to follow through, at first, they didn’t invest a lot of time into it.  Come November 2019 they decided to really focus and put their whole heart into the project.  In March 2020 they launched their website and are taking clients speaking German, English, and Swedish.  Having the flexibility to work in stable employment while developing the business of their dreams, has been a blessing and given the freedom to really think about and work out all aspects of their company.

Of course, this hasn’t come without its fair set of challenges.  In any position, finding work and getting paid for it is the biggest struggle by far.  Getting that first customer, offering them their services, and getting paid for some of that work, is the first step.  “Getting your first 1-5 customers is the most important.”  Today, they’ve had 15 happy clients among 21 completed projects.  A big step in their progress has been learning social media, going public, and gaining followers.  In fact, Robert digresses that if there was one thing he wishes he had known sooner or learned sooner, it would have been how to leverage social media; it can be such a useful tool in this remote economy.

Throughout the years, Robert has found a fondness for working from home, vs. outside the home in coffee shops or co-working spaces or even in the office.  While his surroundings in Sweden make for a picturesque backdrop from his home office, he knows he can rely on connectivity through wifi, and with little disruption in comparison to public venues and finds that he is more productive.  His motivation comes from having the ability to work with his wife, who has previously been busy working with handicap children, and in nature which surrounds his home.  Having the ability to create their own schedule around clients and home-life such as taking care of their dogs, is the perfect balance to the days they were craving together – while making a difference, being their own boss’, and starting a new life with travel in their future.

We at Mocha are inspired by Robert’s journey, his progress, and his success.  As a community, we are here to support one another no matter where we are in our journey to working remotely and encourage you to start a conversation with your potential peers near and far to you through the Mocha app.