Remote full-time job vs. freelancing

By , April 2, 2020

You’re ready to embark on a remote worker’s journey. You’ve already checked out platforms to find your dream job. But now you’re faced with the question – should I choose a full-time opportunity or opt for freelancing? It’s not as straightforward as to say that one is better than the other. The question you should be asking yourself is:

Which choice is the right one for you?

thinking about remote job choices


You can think of remote full-time like having the best of both worlds – freelancing and an office job. You don’t have to be in an office, struggling from 9 to 5 and you have the financial stability as if you were. The main perk is that you can work whenever and wherever you want. You also get paid sick leave and paid vacations. As a full-time remote worker, you’re part of a team and have the support of your management.

However, you still have to work 40 hours every week. And most of the work still has to be done within a certain time. Sometimes you might also not have a choice on what you have to do. For instance, you’re a marketer that loves doing social media posts, but a part of your job is some of the company logistics.


As a freelancer, you get to choose what projects you take on, when and where you work. You can work for as many (or little) clients as you want. You can charge more hourly than a full-time employee. But not everything is just sunshine and rainbows.

There’s no financial stability (at least when you first start out) or health benefits. Think of yourself as a one-(wo)man-show. Paying taxes, taking care of your health insurance and retirement, and, most importantly, yourself – it’s all on you.

You do you

Ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide what works best for you and your needs. Whatever you choose, nothing is set in stone. Take your time to weigh the options and let us know how things worked out!