Page: The App Handle Solution

By , May 25, 2020
Page App

Have you ever started a new business, website, or social media account, but struggled to find the same handle across all applications?  We’re right there with you, this isn’t always an easy task!  With all the social media accounts out there nowadays, it’s become a struggle to land your perfect handle seamlessly across all accounts.  Because of this, we’ve found that the #1 feature of Mocha has been the links section.  This allows users to link to their website and social media accounts, which may or may not be under different handles.

The problem is that until now there hasn’t been a good way to share all your handles in one location among friends, clients, and followers.  You’ve seen business cards with different handles for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in addition to the website domain.  There’s never enough room to share all your handles, so often times accounts like Pinterest or LinkedIn are left off.

That’s why we’re excited about Page, a new app recently launched solving this dilemma.  Featured as the #3 product of the day over at Product Hunt, it’s available over at the App Store and Google Play.

Page is the solution to storing all your links with different handles, in one spot under a single username.  You can now share one link or QR code with friends, customers, and followers, instead of multiple.  They’ll find all your accounts in one place, from your website and email to social media, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

With your name, location, bio, photo, and provided QR code to go along with your profile, the Page allows you to connect with other users through secure direct messaging.  Even track your link activity directly within the app to see what channels your audience is accessing the most!

Alongside the Mocha app, what’s better for remote work than a simple landing page for all your accounts?!  Check out the app for yourself, snag your username, and get sharing!