Mocha App Official Launch and Updates

By , April 17, 2020
Mocha App Official Launch

As you may have heard, the Mocha app was officially launched in the IOS and Android stores earlier this month.  Excited to see the remote working community coming together, we have been listening to feedback and bug reports to help grow and develop the app to better suit the community’s needs.  While some of the features aren’t practical during this COVID-19 situation, like adding working spaces like coffee shops or actually meeting new people face-to-face, we have updated the app implementing new features to supplement this temporary setback, like the ability to video-call community members within the app!


Mocha App Launch

Here we’ll discuss what the Mocha app is, how it connects remote workers within the community, and what features you can expect to find within the app.

1. What is the Mocha app?

After spending some time in all aspects of remote work, the Founder of Mocha, Omid Borjian, found that the number one problem amongst the remote working community was loneliness and isolation.  Realizing there was a large gap missing in bridging the loneliness within the community worldwide, he founded Mocha.  A social app that helps remote workers find other like-minded remote workers and focuses on connecting and getting social within the community.  Now you can meet and work with remote workers – anywhere!

2. Connecting within the community:

Whether you’re a digital nomad, freelancer, work-from-home employee, writer, entrepreneur, start-up, or the likes – this app is for you!  The app can be used to find other remote workers to connect with, in bouncing ideas off each other, meeting for coffee or drinks, to get social, to find your business partner or co-founder, etc.  This can be used locally, and globally.

Many of our users are digital nomads or freelancers who travel and want to get to know other similar individuals in their destination spots.  Alternatively, you might be working from home and just want to connect with others to fill the social-gap you may have been feeling without a traditional office to go to.  You may want to find someone who is in a similar field as you to connect with.  Or, you may be looking for someone who just understands what it’s like to be in a foreign place for a matter of months at a time.

Best of all, you’ll be making long-lasting connections within the community and have the ability to meet someone who you may have never had an opportunity to meet organically.  Perhaps even from across the great pond that is the Atlantic.

3. Mocha app features:

Login Options:

We recently added a convenient Facebook login option.  Alternatively, users may use their email address to create an account.  When first creating an account, users may enter a code provided with the invite – when used, both users receive 100 coffee beans each, which can be used to unlock additional features of the app!

Personal Profile:

When an account is created, users are taken through an onboarding process to create their profile.  This includes users’ name, picture, a brief description of themself, the option to add working title and company name, a handful of interests (with a minimum of 3), and external links to personal websites or projects and Instagram are optional.  Want to change something later?  Don’t fret – the menu option includes an edit profile selection.  Additionally, users will be able to set their location and activate permissions within the app for use.

Dashboard and Mocha Buzz:

The main hub of the app is from the dashboard or home screen of the app, where users find the Mocha buzz.  This is a lite feed where users can post daily goals, ask questions, start a conversation, share news, and comment on others’ posts.  And, if you like what you read, you can support the post with multiple lightning bolts – similar to the Facebook like!

Meet People Who Work Around You:

Using your location as a launch point, you can quickly view other users of the app, in descending order from closest in location to farthest.  View profiles, send invites to connect with others and accept invites sent to you.  Once connected, you can chat and video-call each other right from the app!  With safety and security of upmost importance, users always have the option to report or block users found offensive or in violation of the app community standards.

Invite Friends to the Mocha App:

Within the app, users have an option to invite a friend through a menu option.  A code is provided which can be shared manually, or through an external link through the app.  The best part is that when an invite is sent, 100 coffee beans are earned for both of you!  Coffee beans can be used to unlock additional features of the app.

Discover Workspaces Near You:

One last feature we’re proud to share with users is the ability to discover and add workspaces within the app!  New to an area and don’t know where to land your laptop for a few hours to get started working?  Find locations like coffee shops and co-working spaces right from the app.  With reviews on how many plugins are accessible, bathrooms are available, and what the price of drinks or snacks are, alongside pictures of the place, you can’t go wrong.  Know a great coffee shop or co-working space you love and want to share it with the community?  You’re just a few clicks away.


Our goal at Mocha is to bring a lonely and disperse community together and close the gap in feeling isolated – because the truth is we aren’t alone.  Whatever your remote situation is, we’re sure you’ll find the Mocha app useful and inspiring.  Let us know how the app has helped you by reviewing it on the app store.  Cheers!